CCF offers a variety of fun and informative workshops, events and activities for all sorts of different groups. In the past we have worked with community and faith groups, workplaces, unions, schools, libraries, political groups and more.

Talks & workshops

1 session (~2.5 hours)

We can run (or help/train you to run) interactive talks and workshops that help explain climate change and how we might respond to the challenges we face. These fun, interactive events include:


Understanding food footprints
Carbon footprints and the clothes we wear
Low carbon travel and holidays
Understanding the impact of our purchases
Low-cost ways to reduce energy bills
Ways to save cash and save the planet


Green cooking
Lotions and potions
Green cleaning

Sustainable Futures

1 or 2 evenings

Sustainable Futures consists of one to two workshops which give participants the chance to reflect upon what a rich and rewarding low-carbon future might look like and how we might help build it. We’ll explore what motivates, what might get in the way, and create an action plan for change.

Carbon Conversations

6 evenings

Carbon Conversations is a series of six engaging meetings in which participants address climate change in a different way, focusing on values, emotions, lifestyle and identity as well as the basic facts of carbon emissions. Participants explore the basic climate change problem, their responses to it, their ideas for a low-carbon future and the four key areas of the footprint – home energy, travel, food and other consumption.


Cambridge Carbon Footprint has access to a wealth of expertise that can be made available to individuals and organisations interested in climate change and how we can respond to the challenges we face.

  • THERMAL IMAGING – our volunteers can thermal image your building or run workshops for groups or individuals to learn how to use our two thermal imaging cameras and interpret their images
  • EVENTS – CCF have run many successful events, including repair cafes, clothes swaps, skillshare workshops etc. We can run these events for groups/organisations or support groups putting together similar events promoting low carbon living.
  • CHALLENGES – we have created a number of successful challenges which encourage people to engage with low carbon living in a practical way. These pre-packaged challenges include all the material needed to get started and are available for use, or we could support groups/organisations interested in devising their own climate change challenge.


Cambridge Carbon Footprint offers a wide range of online and offline resources to support individuals and communities looking to live sustainably. These include directories, case studies, and information guides on how to move towards a low carbon lifestyle.

We also have a wide range of contacts both locally and nationally with groups working in the climate change arena and are happy to facilitate communication between like-minded groups.

CCF has a large catalogue of books and DVDs covering a wide array of topics, ranging from global warming to eco-renovation and local eating, which you are welcome to borrow.

We also have meeting space, that is available for free or at a reduced fee, and other resources that can be borrowed or hired, including two thermal imaging cameras, a projector and screen, a laminator, display boards etc.

If you would like to someone from CCF to come and give a talk or hold a workshop for your group or organisation please email