The Circular Cambridge Festival

The World's Biggest Repair Cafe

Saturday 11th November, 10am - 6pm
Wesley Methodist Church, Christ's Pieces, CB1 1LG


Join the fun

The Circular Festival is taking a bold and exciting step and is challenging repairers and you the public to help us set a world record to run the World’s Biggest Repair Cafe.

Cambridge Carbon Footprint and Transition Cambridge need your help to set this record so please bring us your faulty, torn, wobbly, and malfunctioning items and we’ll have a huge repair party. The whir of the drills, smell of solder, tapping of hammers and patter of sewing machines will be blended with:

  • copious amounts of homemade cake
  • short talks from trailblazing companies and individuals like Patagonia, BuyMeOnce, and The Restart Project
  • upcycled craft workshops for children
  • stalls from local artists selling upcycled Christmas gifts


Book your item in now

We strongly recommend booking your item in for repair. Either:

  • Book online using the button to the side, OR
  • Send an email giving a brief description of the item and its fault to

It's okay to turn up without a booking and with more than one item, but you may have to wait. 

Why a Circular Festival?

The Circular Cambridge Festival seeks to keep the conversation going about climate change by reconsidering our throwaway culture and changing our relationship with stuff. 40% of global climate emissions arise from the items we consume. We passionately believe that we need to move from a linear take - use - dispose model to a circular one.

A key pillar of a circular system is that we make things last. Cambridge is a UK hub for an unstoppable citizens movement of repairers that are donating their time and skills to running Repair Cafes. These events allow many to act on their disgust and dismay of our disposable culture and the record attempt is a way of celebrating this very practical form of activism.


Programme of Events


Talks in the Chapel

Thinking out of the box – come and learn from outdoor clothing company Patagonia, a company that encourages people not to buy their products and offer repairs. The Restart Project are sending a team from London to talk about learning to repair electronics yourself and how to become more resilient to your stuff failing. BuyMeOnce will advise on choosing products that will last a life-time.



This is a FREE event


Repair Cafes need incredible repairers but they need tools too. We’d like to thank Mackays of Cambridge and Draper Tools for their generous support of Cambridgeshire Repair Cafes.