I’ve sewn all my life and love creating things. I’ve had a very varied career, which has included making bespoke story mats for museums and selling my bags at craft markets.

Description of Jenny’s artwork appearing in CirculART
Quirky Bags. Unique bags made from reclaimed. repurposed and upcycled memory cloth.

What repurposed materials does Jenny use
Quirky bags are made from 100% repurposed materials – nothing is bought new. Lots of the clothes are worn and are beyond repair. The thread and fittings are also secondhand – hand-me-downs, gifts, purchases from vintage and charity shops and anywhere I can glean from. Some of the handles were belts in a former life.

Why Jenny chooses to use repurposed materials
I love the memories held in the fabrics I use and the serendipity of what I come across. I’m constantly asking the question: “What can I do with this?”. Using reclaimed materials has made me work differently and freely, so I try new ideas. It’s led me to a deep appreciation of all the good things that I have in my life, so I’m much happier with my lot than I used to be. There’s no more striving to get what I haven’t got, as I’ve already got great riches. I now treat everything as precious, and I feel that that’s a really good way to look at the world.

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