Angie is a textile artist with a passion for texture. Having completed a CG Diploma some 25 years ago, she currently exhibits with two other ladies who together are called the Connected Textile Group, exhibiting as individual artists using their own media.

“I like to use mixed media in my artwork along with stitch and have found that I use paper a lot to start my projects for inspiration which leads into the design. It may be a theme that has been decided from a meeting with my colleagues. However, I love to work with what is around me or somewhere that I have visited, colour but most certainly texture will capture me. I have a passion to spin fibre. I can think of nothing better than to go and buy a fleece and see the sheep that it came from, wash, dye or not, spin using a spinning wheel or a drop spindle, weave, or knit with it creating a unique piece of art work or even usable item, the possibility is endless. There is nothing better than to create something knowing that it is going to give someone else pleasure to see, touch or wear.”

Description of Angie’s artwork appearing in CirculART
Handmade jewellery using recycled magazines and materials to create bracelets, necklaces, and brooches.

What repurposed materials does Angie use
Recycled magazines, painted/ink paper, packaging/cards, recycled beads, lace, and other old material.

Why Angie chooses to use repurposed materials
It gives me great satisfaction to think about how recycled materials could be used, rather than just being thrown in the waste bin.

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