After a working life as an academic, I wanted to make things, so I took to embroidery and various other crafts, which I have enjoyed working at for many years.

Description of Audrey’s artwork appearing in CirculART
Because he’s worth it. Cat face on a background of torn-up vet’s bills.

What repurposed materials does Audrey use
Torn-up vet’s bills for background, a cat face made from felted cat combings, plus some real whiskers – collected after falling out naturally.

Why Audrey chooses to use repurposed materials
I have used various materials over the years. I found cat combings extremely useful for making felt, but unfortunately I no longer have the cat.

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  • Audrey Griffin
  • Shown at: The Cat Flap, Cats Protection, 172 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3LP
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