I went to Art School in Eastbourne in 1973 and have been an artist all my life. I’ve worked for BBC Glasgow and fitted out their studios. At Girton I was resident art teacher for 8 years, working with children with autism and learning difficulties. Art really helped them to get another outlook on life. It does that for me too. I’ve always upcycled things in my art. I’ve been involved with Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, so I couldn’t do anything else.

Description of Chris’ artwork appearing in CirculART
‘Earth Angel’ – a protector of all. She celebrates nature and the environment. Also a variety of upcycled articles throughout the shop.

Why Chris chooses to use repurposed materials
To stop things being wasted and to protect the environment. It makes me more creative.

  • Chris Gould
  • Shown at: Oxfam, 2 Mill Road, CB1 2AD