Leigh Dee is a Fashion Designer and practicing Buddhist living in central Cambridge. Drawing is to her a form of meditation and together with creating ethically produced fashion, it forms the perfect combination of practicing art and Buddhism at the same time.

Description of Leigh Dee’s artwork appearing in CirculART
Womenswear born from concepts of geometric form, executed through creative design processes, original print and colour systems that enhance sculptural forms, resulting in a provocative innovative collection.

What repurposed materials does Leigh Dee use
I use vintage textiles and salvaged fabric remnants, which are in the best of condition, and transforms the fabric into a wearable, womenswear collection.

Why Leigh Dee chooses to use repurposed materials
I up-cycle in an eco-friendly practice, to be kind to the environment.

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  • Leigh Dee Rawlins
  • Shown at: Oxfam, 34/35 Bridge Street, Cambridge CB2 1UW
  • Twitter: twitter.com/LeighDeeRawlins
  • Facebook: facebook.com/LeighDeeRawlins/
  • E-mail: leighdeerawlins@outlook.com