My voluntary work as an environmental campaigner usually requires lots of thinking and planning. I knit to allow my mind to switch off from that by immersing myself in the sensuality of yarns, the rhythms of the needles and the joy of creativity. The range of colors, textures, weights and blends of yearns available is staggering. There are already far more available than can ever be used so I rarely buy new yarn. Instead I hope to cherish rejected yarns and materials many of which are given to me. Sometimes the yarn sparks an idea or sometimes I hold an idea for some time before I find the yarn I need.

I am returning to sculpture recently as I enjoy creating extra-large versions of small items, e.g. my Giant Ball of Yarn. This idea came from a need to do something with the strands of yarns which my pupils had created on their hands or fingers when learning about the relationship between tension and gauge whilst learning how to handle yarns.  Stored in bags the yarn strands were invisible. Now they are loved, part of something beautiful together and very quirky.

Description of Lulu’s artwork appearing in CirculART
Sculptures made using recycled and repurposed yarns.

Why Lulu chooses to use repurposed materials
Repurposed materials offer unexpected challenges which make creating more exciting. I have to work with not against the materials.

  • Lulu Agate
  • Shown at: RSPCA Bookshop, 188 Mill Road, CB1 3LP