I started painting at the end of 2017 and found it to be very therapeutic and a way to overcome my anxiety and depression. The works for this series are diary-like, often capturing my mood at the time of painting, or expressing the way I wish to feel. Though the works have an autobiographical stimulus, their simplicity allows the viewer to connect with the image and take their own personal impression from the painting and chosen text.

I avoid reading the newspaper or magazines, as I dislike the bias of the media and the constant onslaught of consumerism. By using text from headlines and advertisements, these works transform this into more optimistic and positive imagery. The process of creating the works is very meditative, working directly with the paint on a palette knife impulsively mixing and playing with the colours on the board, and letting the painting form itself.

Description of SoRoCo’s artwork appearing in CirculART
Works from SoRoCo’s Heart over Head Lines series – colourful and expressive paintings featuring found and repurposed text.

What repurposed materials does SoRoCo use
The works are painted on waste hardboard leftover from building works and use extracts from newspapers and adverts. Acrylic paint is used with as little waste and washing as possible, in order to minimise the environmental impacts.

Why SoRoCo chooses to use repurposed materials
Apart from the environmental benefits, I enjoy the act of transforming something to create new meaning.

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  • SoRoCo
  • Shown at: RSPCA Book Shop, 188 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3LP
  • Facebook: facebook.com/sorocoart
  • E-mail: sorocoart@gmail.com
  • Website: www.sorocoart.com