Sustainable Fashion Festival

Clothing accounts for around 12% of global greenhouse emissions and is the world’s second largest industrial polluter. People often think of fashion as a frivolous affair, but carefully choosing what we wear could make a big difference to tackling the climate crisis and other environmental problems. Fast fashions ‘race to the bottom’ is too often leading to the exploitation of workers and natural systems. In Kazakhstan for example, virtually the entire Aral Sea that was once full of fish and supported a thriving fishing community has all but disappeared to satisfy cotton’s thirst for water.

But here’s the good news. Cambridge Carbon Footprint, along with sustainable clothing pioneers Mamoq and AmaElla are organising Cambridge’s first Sustainable Fashion Festival and it’s set to be amazing. Explore clothes that grow with you, dresses to swap, natural luxury wear, vintage clothes and a pop-up market with fashionable Christmas gifts. Surprising gifts might include socks with lifetime guarantees and shirts the seller promises to fix forever!

Finding your style is a big step towards having a more eco-friendly wardrobe – if you are curious about embracing your individuality and exploring what’ll work best for you, then you might want to book one of Roberta Style Lee’s professional styling workshops. Caring for your clothes helps them to last longer so we’ll have stalls to help you to understand the unfathomable circles and triangles on your care labels and share tips on how to reduce the amount of micro-plastics you’re generating each time you load the machine. The wonderful Cambridge Repair Cafe will be in the building fixing, mending and sharing their sewing skills, and University of Cambridge students will be strutting their stuff in an interactive fashion show. All can get creative at a Pousette-Dart inspired creative drop-in hosted by Kettle’s Yard and there’s food for thought during the panel discussion; ‘Fashion the Future’ with greener fashion leaders including James Dyson Award winner Ryan Yasin and Tara Button, author of ‘A life Less Throwaway’ and founders of AmaElla and Mamoq. There will also be a clothes swap party, and home made cafe organised by the Cambridge Ladybirds WI.

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Circular Cambridge and the Cambridge Sustainable Fashion Festival are projects of Cambridge Carbon Footprint, a small local charity concerned with climate change. Our aim is to help people work together creatively to make real reductions in their CO2 emissions. Find out more about our other projects and events at

Event Details

11:00 am - 4:30 pm
17th Nov 2018

St Barnabas Church
Mill Road
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