Anu works with textiles and an extensive range of other sources of materials that would otherwise end up on a landfill.
“I enjoy giving it a new lease of life reducing waste by creating costumes for Parades, Events and Performances. Including Art Instillations and Community Projects”.
Currently working with Kinetika on a Batik project for the local schools.
Comissioned by Kettles Yard for a number of community art projects for the celebration of our diversity, ecology and unity.


Description of Ann’s artwork appearing in CirculART
A costume exploring a social and current affairs theme, made from recycled textiles and materials.

What repurposed materials does Ann use
Textiles, dolls, mini costumes and also broken jewellery.

Why Ann chooses to use repurposed materials
I believe in using the resources we already have and giving them a new meaning or lease of life.

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  • Anu Ann
  • Shown at: Sense, 60 Burleigh Street, Cambridge CB1 1DJ
  • E-mail: