I want to raise awareness of the value of fabric as a resource and its potential for re-use around the home. When you buy an item of clothing or fabric for your home, you make a very personal choice. I aim at making its re-use personal too. Fabrics with sentimental value can become beautiful, meaningful artworks. Leftover wood and fabric can become quirky, individual pieces of furniture.

Description of Dimitra’s artwork appearing in CirculART
I will create a ‘snug’ from repurposed charity shop items and fabric remnants: a blind, cushions, a lampshade, a chair.

What repurposed materials does Dimitra use
Fabric, cane, leather, wood, wool, lace, and ceramics.

Why Dimitra chooses to use repurposed materials
I use fabric because it has a longer life than people realise and is too easily thrown out, when it has so much potential.

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  • Dimitra Frangos
  • Shown at: Sally Ann's, 44A Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 2AS
  • E-mail: d.frangos@outlook.com