Rowan is a Cambridge based arts centre and charity, where artists and craftspeople work with adults with learning disabilities. Using the medium of art, we provide a safe, creative and unique environment where students thrive and grow artistically as well as in their own abilities, confidence and self-esteem. Rowan seeks to raise the abilities of student artists and foster their participation as active and equal citizens. Over 70 people with learning disabilities come to Rowan over the course of a week. The charity is open 50 weeks of the year, and students can remain at Rowan for as long as they choose. We are committed to approaching life as an adventure, with humour, passion, optimism and fun; ensuring our student artists are treated fairly and have equal opportunities. Rowan is a vibrant and active part of the art community in Cambridge. The charity has an excellent reputation and is considered to be a forward-looking organisation, committed to developing new opportunities in partnership with individuals and organisations. We work with a range of partners locally and regionally to offer wider opportunities to our students.

Description of Rowan’s artwork appearing in CirculART
‘The Plight of the Bumblebee’. A collection of artwork to raise awareness about bees in the UK from all of Rowan’s studios using different materials.

What repurposed materials does Rowan use
Ceramics, wood, paper, felt, fabric, wool and metal.

Why Rowan chooses to use repurposed materials
We enjoy the challenge of re-inventing waste materials, with the knowledge that we are making a small contribution to the collective effort to control waste.

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