I am a Level 3 qualified Childcare practitioner and have 36 years experience of working in childcare. I have always thought that telling stories to children is the best  part of my job and have created my own resources in order to bring stories to life for children. I attended a workshop run by Local Story Teller Marion Leeper a couple of years ago and am now part of a Story Telling team that tells stories to children on a monthly basis at Milton Road Primary school. As part of my role as a Children’s Centre Worker I tell stories weekly in collaboration with the staff at Arbury Court Library. I am the Bookstart Lead for the Chesterton and North Cambridge Children Centre which requires me to promote stories and rhymes one-to-one and in groups. For all of these roles I create my story telling resources on a shoe string employing an eco-friendly and Fair Trade ethos and I love the challenge this presents.

Description of Sally’s artwork appearing in CirculART
Story Bags containing books and toys/props for children under five years old. New this year are Treasure Baskets for babies containing interesting items for little ones to explore.

What repurposed materials does Sally use
I reuse donated toys, books and bags.

Why Sally chooses to use repurposed materials
I strongly approve of reusing resources to avoid clogging up landfill sites. Charity Shop treasures can be given another life in a Story Bag.

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  • Sally's Story Bags
  • Shown at: Cancer Research UK, 52 Burleigh Street, Cambridge CB1 1DJ
  • Twitter: twitter.com/sallysstorybags
  • E-mail: sally@sallysstorybags.com
  • Website: www.sallysstorybags.strikingly.com