Nikki H, sewing and mechanical repairer

Biochemist, now full time mum. Loved crafts my whole life so used to using a needle and thread. Learnt to use power tools at university putting together hands on science exhibits. 

I originally came to Repair Cafés intending to do a bit of sewing but have since realised that a logical approach and the ability to use a screwdriver lends itself to many of the mechanical repairs that turn up as well. 

I find it really rewarding to be able to help people, my fondest memory is of what was a very straightforward repair to the stitching on a favourite toy. It took about 5 minutes but the look of joy on the little boy’s face was fabulous, I lost count of how many times he and his family said thank you. 

The cafés are very welcoming, which is great as we go as a family – my husband, myself and our baby have been doing repairs since he was a few weeks old. It won’t be long until he’s learning how to fix his toys!