Circular Cambridge is a season of events that celebrates progressive ways to design, manufacture, access, repair and reuse the things that we want and need in our lives. 

Why Circular? Why now?


At the moment our consumption follows a linear model in which we buy → use → throw away. A single person in the EU consumes 15 tonnes of resources each year, 5 tonnes of which are simply thrown away. What happens to our stuff when we throw it away? Landfill and pollution problems resulting from the disposal of our things are making it increasingly clear that there is no 'away'. And it's not just a resource problem. A whopping 40% of our personal carbon emissions comes from the things we buy. 

Could a circular economy be both a necessity and an opportunity? 

This short film 'The Story of a Spoon' by Greenpeace outlines the problem.

Are you ready for Circular Cambridge?

Circular Cambridge is inviting a large number of organisations and individuals to showcase their innovations or come up with their own events that minimise waste, promote sharing, swapping and reuse.

There's lots to do. You could run a clothes swap, create a local tool library, hold an upcycling workshop, take the circular challenge, or do a waste audit. We're looking for locals keen to run activities in their community groups, faith settings, schools, neighbourhoods and workplaces. We'll provide inspiration, support, publicity and a variety of resources to help get you started. Sound interesting?