Running a clothes swap couldn’t be easier! We have set up a Community Clothes Swap Kit to support local people and communities to run clothes swaps. The kit includes guidance on how to run a clothes swap and all of the equipment (rails, hangers, mirrors, etc) you’d need. Clothes swaps can be run in a variety of situations, from between friends and family, to in community groups, in schools, colleges, villages, in workplaces… The options are endless!

Swaps are brilliant community building events that are inclusive to all, and can be used by local groups to raise money for good causes. Not only are they events that communities and people from different backgrounds enjoy taking part in, but they are also fantastic environmental initiatives. The clothing and textiles industry produces 12% of global carbon emissions and is the world’s second largest industrial producer. Clothes swaps are a practical way for local communities to take part in the circular economy/sharing economy at a grassroots level. They provide an easy viable alternative to buying new clothes (perfect for those on a low income), whilst also providing a way for people to recycle clothes easily, reducing the risk of clothing contaminating recycling waste streams.

This has been made possible with the help of funding from South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Community Chest Fund.

Want to run a Clothes Swap yourself?

We have a variety of resources available on our website to help you get started, such as how to run a clothes swap. When you’ve decided you’d like to run one and you have a date in mind, check the calendar below to see if the kit is available and if it is, get in touch with us to book it.

We are a registered charity (no: 1127376) and always need funds to continue or work. We’d strongly encourage you to collect donations during, and at the end of the Swish. People are usually very happy to donate and we’d be very grateful. Thank you in advance for your support.

Further resources: