Toy swap at the Habitorials Event

All are invited to the Habitorials community event at the Show Home, 93 Addenbroke’s Rd. It will be a weekend festival jammed full of celebration, conversation and experimentation.

People have grown quite fond of the little Show Home as a place to meet new people and build community – it has grown to become something of a public home. The Festival marks this transformation and welcomes a next phase of the Habitorials project – ‘The Public Home’. Countryside Properties have generously agreed to keep the Public Home open for use over the next months, running into the opening of the community centre.

The community have shared ideas for things they would like to host in the space – from a neighbourly exchange of skills and services, local food co-ops, public classes or a trial for family restaurant. This weekend features some of these ideas.

Event Details

All Day
12th Mar 2016 - 13th Mar 2016

the Show Home
93 Addenbrooke's Road
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