When people ask what I do, I say whatever it takes. I love all things creative and anyone who knows me knows I was born to make things but even more I love empowering others to be creative. There is so much useable waste in the world and I want to show folks how wonderful the art of creative reuse is. I also design and make art because I see a need in the community for something – it could be a banner for a festival or a pet food bank bin. I am self-employed, as well as being the Director of Re-imagine Resource Centre and I have a dog clothing line made exclusively from business waste in Pet stores, a unique business concept. I believe every purchase is a moral choice and the more I can not only lower my carbon footprint but to give folks other options to help lower their own then I am using my superpowers for good. Art is and will always be my therapy.

Description of Re-Imagine’s artwork appearing in CirculART
As I am passionate about greener pet ownership, the art piece is an installation with a giant bone, carpet sculptures and interactive paw pledge.

What repurposed materials does Re-imagine use
The installation uses high viz workwear, carpet samples from local businesses and the queen’s red carpet from her visit to Newmarket last year.

Why Re-imagine chooses to use repurposed materials
Sustainable living starts by promoting awareness and changing how you consume becoming an active part of the recycling family. I’m blessed to have the opportunity.

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  • Re-imagine
  • Shown at: East Anglia's Children's Hospice, 41 High Street, Cherry Hinton CB1 9HX
  • E-mail: admin@re-imagineresourcecentre.co.uk
  • Website: Re-imagine.btck.co.uk