I am a Cambridge based visual artist. I went to Norwich to do an MA in Fine Art in 2013. I’m influenced by Japanese Mono-ha and arte povera.

I am not interested in arti-fice and for that reason you might find my work worthless or lacking in skill. But I do not want the skilled application of technique in my work. I find it distracting and impure, I want the perfect clarity of material combined with absolute balance.

Description of Rachel’s artwork appearing in CirculART
The piece is called Modernism Is So Old. It subverts the modernist ideal of clean lines and modern materials, whilst keeping its forms.

What repurposed materials does Rachel use
Different blocks of found, decaying wood with nails and hinges.

Why Rachel chooses to use repurposed materials
I find unusual things beautiful and use the fragility of repurposed material to produce work that juxtaposes form and material.

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  • Rachel Wooller
  • Shown at: Cancer Research UK, 42 Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1DP
  • Twitter: twitter.com/RachelWooller1
  • Website: www.rachelwooller.co.uk