Arthur Rank Hospice Charity’s shop on Mill Road enjoys a great variety and volume of donations. The chance to transform some of the material donations which cannot be sold will allow us to exhibit some of our great talents and resources. Along with the charity’s main aim of funding care for adults with life-limiting illnesses we understand the importance of promoting reuse, finding green solutions and pursuing carbon-limiting activities. This is our third year involved with CirculART and, following the positive outcomes from last year, we are looking forward to the fun and challenge of creating an inspiring display.

The bags will be made by Ruth Griffiths. Ruth hopes that her creations will help to demonstrate that learning about materials, their characteristics and potential will allow others to learn, get creative, and understand that repurposing materials is not only fun and useful, but also economical.

Description of their artwork appearing in CirculART
Shopping bags – giving fabric a second life. This year ARHC Mill Road will be using repurposed materials to create attractive shopping bags. We hope that we will not only inspire and encourage people to give up plastic bags, but also encourage them to see the potential in pre-used materials.

What repurposed materials do they use
All of the materials used are repurposed. Used household linens and material off-cuts from dress-making will form the majority of the textiles.

Why they choose to use repurposed materials
Discovering and selecting repurposed materials is part of the joy of the creative process. Imagination and ingenuity don’t need to be limited by finite resources.

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  • Ruth
  • Shown at: Arthur Rank Hospice Charity Shop, 222 Mill Rd, Cambridge, CB1 3NF