Having studied art at college, I returned to making her own art when I retired. Having enjoyed trying various techniques, I found myself drawn to printmaking, particularly mono printing, collagraphs and lino prints (often with offcuts of vinyl floor tiles) because it is possible to achieve great depth with multi-layering different shapes and textures as well as intricate detail in a piece. These print making techniques lend themselves to creating either one-off prints, or a range where each print is different, even if printed from the same block.

There is also an element of serendipity, so one can never be entirely sure what the outcome will be! The images used in my work are usually drawn from the natural world, or from everyday objects, although sometimes the work is abstract.

Description of Ann’s artwork appearing in CirculART
A collection of mono prints or collagraphs on a seaside theme, using repurposed materials.

What repurposed materials does Ann use
The repurposed materials in my work include unwanted cardboard, wrapping paper, scraps of fabric, threads, string, plastic wrapping, tape, ribbon, as well as found objects such as feathers.

Why Ann chooses to use repurposed materials
Repurposed materials provide an incredible range of textures, patterns and shapes to work into a print, as well as reusing paper or card for the printed image.

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  • Ann Mitchell
  • Shown at: Oxfam Bookshop, 28 Sidney Street, Cambridge CB2 3HW
  • E-mail: mitfry@hotmail.co.uk