I had a unique chance to learn about these dolls made from recycled materials from my grandmother, who was then a folk master. I like the idea of finding a use for the old material and also the amazing art therapy power they have.

As a believer and supporter of the circular economy, my particular belief is that creativity will provide the shortest route to achieving it.

Description of Green Rhino’s artwork appearing in CirculART
‘Russian Folk Dolls’ – traditional fabric talismanic dolls made out of old clothes.

What repurposed materials does Green Rhino use
Fabric, wool, cushion filling, lace and ribbons.

Why Green Rhino chooses to use repurposed materials
To reduce consumption and because it is a traditional way to make these dolls.

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  • Green Rhino
  • Shown at: Oxfam, 2 Mill Rd, Cambridge CB1 2AD