Polly is a part-time but passionate printmaker. My interest is in developing imagery that has meaning and resonance for me, and that hopefully conveys something – though not necessarily the same thing – to others.

Description of Polly’s artwork appearing in CirculART
Lino and drypoint printing onto fabric. The imagery is dream-like and connected with family history.

What repurposed materials does Polly use
A combination of old handkerchiefs and embroidered table-mats.

Why Polly chooses to use repurposed materials
Unknown women spent hours making these beautiful pieces. I like to give them a new lease of life, and try to make work that complements the sewing, lace or embroidery already there. The needlework can also act nicely as a ready-made frame. It’s a pleasure to print onto fabric that already has texture and history, and that has been lived with.

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