I have always created and made things, using various media over time. Textiles have always been a constant theme and finally I decided to get serious about it and do a City and Guilds Embroidery Course. I gradually used more and more reclaimed materials and through their use, I have met so many generous people.

I love the memories held in the fabrics I use and the serendipity of what I come across. I’m constantly asking the question: “What can I do with this?”. Using reclaimed materials has made me work differently and freely, so I try new ideas. That’s very satisfying and fun. It’s led me to a deep appreciation of all the good things that I have in my life, so I’m much happier with my lot than I used to be. There’s no more striving to get what I haven’t got, as I’ve already got great riches. I now treat everything as precious, and I feel that that’s a really good way to look at the world.

Description of Jenny’s artwork appearing in CirculART
A Paper Parade. Off cuts of newspaper, handmade and wrapping papers combined with threads, fibres, beads and seeds to strut their stuff.

What repurposed materials does Jenny use
Handmade cotton rag paper; paper and mountboard off cuts; reclaimed threads, fibres, and beads; leaves and seeds; repurposed design work; a parsnip!

Why Jenny chooses to use repurposed materials
It stimulates my creativity. It’s exciting and sometimes challenging turning everyday objects into something new and unexpected. I’m often surprised by the end result.
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  • Art Textiles
  • Shown at: Bernardo's, Unit 1 Unwin Square Orchard Park, Chieftain Way, Cambridge CB4 2AD
  • Website: www.arttextiles.co.uk